Our mission and vision

It is our relentless passion to provide a value proposition that is unique and special—unmatched only by our desire for unyielding customer service. Framerica® will do whatever necessary to help our customers succeed.

Core values

  • Manufacture the industry’s finest quality products

  • Provide exceptional customer service

  • Sustain America’s largest capacity

  • Offer the greatest value possible

Years in Business

Our focus

For 46 years and counting, we profile wrap anything from picture frame moulding to flooring transitions.

By staying ahead of the most current trends we are able to offer mouldings that complement the latest styles in home décor. Couple that with our just-in-time inventory and we offer the most comprehensive selection of moulding and availability than anyone in the industry.

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Est. 1969

Founded over 46 years ago, Framerica® is the front runner in moulding manufacturing in the United States.


Framerica® produces environmentally responsible products using some of the greenest core materials at our EPP Downstream Licensed Facility.

Made in the U.S.A.

World class efficiency, domestic production, and the finest quality and controls allows for 100% yield of products with the quickest turnaround times.

Cutting-Edge Technology

A purpose-built manufacturing facility and automated production lines employ the most up-to-date machinery to streamline our production capacity.

Customer Service

Our team prides itself on being the most versed in satisfaction. As customer advocates, the service team works in conjunction with our sales team to accommodate any client need.

Custom Moulding Program

Skilled artisans create “perfect” finishes for your custom mouldings. 3-D prototyping capabilities allow us to create “live” samples for your approval.

New Products

Skilled industry professionals combine superior craftsmanship and precision engineering to bring you the latest products. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to quality, Framerica® is a leader in innovative design.

Montauk Beachwood (BW68)
Catalog Honey (BW221)
Mocha Walnut (BW97)
Gallery Black (BW246)
Chrome (BW74)
Brushed Black (BW74)
Stainless (BW66)
Espresso Walnut (BW204)


  • We do a lot of shadowboxes with Framerica and it works great for whatever. A jersey, football, bat, etc. Thanks!
    Jimmy Miller
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • I love my salesman. He is always available...always! Our customers are asking for more mouldings "Made in America."
    Annie Harris
    Philadelphia, PA
  • I love that whenever I place an order my item is always in stock!
    Howard Scott
    Denver, CO
  • We have used your products for years. They are great for commercial work.
    Brenda Martin
    Modesto, CA
  • Love the consistency and price point in Framerica moulding. Always have a place in my company.
    Chris Morris
    Chicago, IL
  • An excellent company with exceptional mouldings and prices for today's framer! My rep is very nice to work with on projects.
    Lisa Green
    Atlanta, GA
  • My hospitality designers love working with Framerica.
    Steven Rogers
    Newark, NJ
  • We love what Framerica is doing to help with the environment. Keep adding to that line. Thank you!
    Dennis Collins
    Austin, TX
  • Always quality materials...a joy to work with.
    John Coleman
    Boston, MA
  • Framerica produces one of the most quality consistent products that we have used in our 16 years of framing and they treat their customers like friends.
    Roy Stewart
    Rochester, NY
  • We love designing with Framerica – it gives us a good profit margin and our master frame is pleased with the way it comes together for a superb quality look. Never hesitate to recommend it to our clientele.
    Daniel Adams
    Charlotte, NC


founder01Gene Eichner


A bonafide salesman and marketing guru, Gene Eichner speaks with unmatched passion about the company he’s worked so hard to build. As an advocate for continual technological advancements and constant quality assurance, he is an integral contributor in what makes Framerica® “America’s Favorite.”

founder02Gordon Van Vechten


The technical brains behind the operation, Gordon Van Vechten’s passion is found on the production floor where he tirelessly involves himself in every aspect of the manufacturing process. He ensures that every item is made with the utmost care, quality and precision. He is proud to be able to say that Framerica® mouldings are Made in the USA.


core04Josh Eichner

Executive Vice President

A near clone to his father, Josh Eichner’s success is his pride in the company he’s grown up in. Being a lawyer at heart enables him to approach the company’s prosperity with an analytical point of view. His ability to “think outside of the box” and expand beyond company’s roots has helped Framerica® grow into other markets.

core01Jay Van Vechten

Executive Vice President

Jay Van Vechten’s passion to continually improve manufacturing processes has made Framerica® a lean, efficient company. Change is something that he proudly embraces and promotes throughout Framerica culture. His vision to become a vertically integrated manufacturer has enabled Framerica® to offer just-in-time inventories in all the industries we serve.


For over 46 years, we have prided ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer.

Learn more about career opportunities at Framerica®





Over the past decade, Framerica® has continuously gathered information in order to best service the laminate flooring, picture frame, and architectural moulding market. Quite simply, consumers seek a useful moulding that is of top quality, easy to install, durable, and easy to clean.

Framerica® represents the single best moulding solution available. We offer a superior product, a wide variety of options, and more easily marketed to a wider range of consumers.



  1. Domestic Manufacturing

  2. Unprecedented Value

  3. Incredible Flexibility & Reliability

  4. Just-in-time Inventory

  5. Unlimited Capacity


Framerica® has invented many of the profile-wrapped mouldings that exist today. Over the past 46 years, our growth has yielded the industry’s best quality, value, and largest capacity. With 20 years experience, our artisans can match or custom create artwork, making us the most versatile moulding manufacturer in the world.

  • Aged Bronze

    Aged Bronze

    Shown here in BW54-AB

  • Stainless


    Shown here in BW77966

  • Hardware Bronze

    Hardware Bronze

    Shown here in BW74964

  • Chrome


    Shown here in BW66-980