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Framerica® is among the largest, most successful moulding manufacturers in North America. For over four decades, Framerica® has been providing innovative, quality products and extraordinary customer service.

Our specialization

Picture Frame Moulding

From the classic Gallery Black™ frame to popular silver and gold, we offer the widest array of finishes in the industry.

Floor Transitions

Framerica® is one of the largest flooring transition manufacturers in North America. We offer exact matches or a choice of hundreds of stock options in virtually any profile that you may need. To learn more, please contact a sales representative.

Architectural Trim

Our architectural moulding is pre-finished. No staining, sanding, priming or painting is necessary.To learn more, please contact a sales representative.

Employee Testimonials

  • The people, management, and atmosphere all make working at Framerica a pleasure!
    Kevin Milano
    Sales for Southeast & International
  • I love knowing that the products I sell are made in the USA. And, my boss is great!
    John Wayman
    Sales for Western Regional
  • My job is never the same day to day. Each customer and each of their projects allow me to offer knowledge, insight and opinion when I'm trying to complete a sale of our product.
    Bill Hoffmann
    Bill Hoffmann
    Sales for Northeast & Texas
  • After 23 years at Framerica, the owners' doors are always open. They are wonderful caring and giving people with innovative and creative ideas. Working all of the trade shows and meeting people in the industry has been great!
    Catherine Michel
    Credit Manager
  • I've been with Framerica for almost 3 years, and I've never been happier! They really care about their employees.
    Alena Davis
    Executive Assistant
  • I like the creativity and new ideas from the office. It's even more impressive when the machine shop team makes pieces of machinery – helping the factory run efficiently!
    Carolyn Schmidt
    Purchasing Associate

Framerica® is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We welcome job applications from all qualified candidates for all positions.
A career at Framerica® is both rewarding and exciting – a unique opportunity to become part of the fabric of an industry leader. Our staff is comprised of a wide variety of perspectives, viewpoints and backgrounds, which is integral to our continued success. Framerica® continues to be steadfast in its goal of being diverse and representative of the customers we serve.

Job Positions

A sales professional has a high-level of expertise in regard to product lines. Our sales team works directly with the manufacturing plant and sells to distributors and wholesalers. The ideal candidate would have excellent communication skills and operates with honesty and integrity. If you have these skills, you may be a perfect fit for the Framerica team.

Skills and qualifications:
  1. Strong competitive drive

  2. Works well in a fast-paced environment

  3. Assertive personality

  4. Outgoing demeanor and resilient outlook

A customer support specialist must possess good communication, customer service and problem-solving skills. Computer literacy and excellent interpersonal skills are necessary. The ideal candidate will be responsible for taking care of customer needs and solving customer problems. They must be excellent communicators using a variety of methods such as email, phone calls, and meetings. If you have all of these skills, you would be a perfect candidate as a customer support specialist.
Skills and qualifications:
  1. Works well in a fast-paced environment

  2. Excellent interpersonal skills

  3. Comfortable working with computers

  4. Detail-oriented and organized

Our production workers typically work on our manufacturing floor and warehouse. They have a variety of responsibilities depending on the department. A production worker’s responsibility can be labor intensive, continually repeating a process in our team environment to produce our mouldings. We do offer certification or training in our process. Our production workers may be rotated into different jobs after several weeks to offer a change in their work environment.
Skills and qualifications:
  1. Strong attention to detail

  2. Ability to learn the operation of manufacturing equipment

  3. Ability to adhere to safety procedures

  4. Must be willing to stand for long periods of time and lift more than 35 pounds

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