We are usually asked about:

Where is the moulding made?

All of our moulding is manufactured in the United States at our headquarters in Yaphank, NY.

How long has Framerica been making moulding?

Framerica was founded in 1969 by Co-Chairmen Gene Eichner and Gordon Van Vechten. We are proud to have called ourselves “America’s Favorite” for over 45 years.

How do I place an order and how do I set up an account?

Online shopping is available on this website. Simply register for an account. Orders may also be placed by calling us at 1-800-372-6422. To ensure accuracy, we suggest that orders placed in writing include the following:

  • Billing address
  • Shipping addresses
  • Preferred method of shipment
  • Applicable notes (ie. residential address, lift gate required, call before delivery. Freight carriers bill extra fees for any such extra service requests. Any costs incurred for freight and accessorial charges, either before or after billing, are passed on to the customer.)

How do I check stock on an item? Can I see inventory levels online?

Items posted on our website are considered “Stock” items. For up to the minute inventory, please contact your sales representative at 1-800-372-6422.

Where can I find pricing on the moulding? Is it available online?

Yes, once signed in to your account pricing will be available. To register for an online account, simply click register and complete the form. Once we receive your registration, a sales representative will be in touch to qualify you. At the time of approval, you will be able to view your prices for our products. Pricing can also be acquired by contacting your sales representative at 1-800-372-6422.

How fast can you ship?

  • If the picture frame moulding is “in-stock,” we can ship within 24 – 48 hours after your order is placed.
  • For custom profile orders, a typical 4 – 6 week lead time is required.

Do I have to have a saw to cut BonanzaWood®?

Yes, we recommend high-speed steel blades as they offer a much finer cut, they are less expensive to purchase, and they are sharper than carbide blades, though those can be used as well.

Didn’t find the answer?

Our customer support team is ready to help you with whatever you need. Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly. If you need answers in a hurry, please call our office at 1-800-372-6422.

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  • We love designing with Framerica – it gives us a good profit margin and our master frame is pleased with the way it comes together for a superb quality look. Never hesitate to recommend it to our clientele.
    Daniel Adams
    Charlotte, NC
  • We do a lot of shadowboxes with Framerica and it works great for whatever. A jersey, football, bat, etc. Thanks!
    Jimmy Miller
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • We have used your products for years. They are great for commercial work.
    Brenda Martin
    Modesto, CA
  • I love that whenever I place an order my item is always in stock!
    Howard Scott
    Denver, CO
  • An excellent company with exceptional mouldings and prices for today's framer! My rep is very nice to work with on projects.
    Lisa Green
    Atlanta, GA
  • Always quality materials...a joy to work with.
    John Coleman
    Boston, MA
  • Love the consistency and price point in Framerica moulding. Always have a place in my company.
    Chris Morris
    Chicago, IL
  • We love what Framerica is doing to help with the environment. Keep adding to that line. Thank you!
    Dennis Collins
    Austin, TX
  • Framerica produces one of the most quality consistent products that we have used in our 16 years of framing and they treat their customers like friends.
    Roy Stewart
    Rochester, NY
  • My hospitality designers love working with Framerica.
    Steven Rogers
    Newark, NJ
  • I love my salesman. He is always available...always! Our customers are asking for more mouldings "Made in America."
    Annie Harris
    Philadelphia, PA