The History of Framerica

In 1969, co-founders Gene Eichner and Gordon Van Vechten opened a modest retail shop on Long Island, NY. Although they were young and had little knowledge about the industry or its potential, each contributed $2,000 in startup costs and immediately set their sights on expanding their business.

Believing that innovative, high quality products and great customer service was the key to success, the duo have experienced the “American dream” – over 45 years of terrific relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.

Transforming the industry

In the years that followed, Framerica’s products evolved. The company embarked on a marketing strategy that would put it on the map to stay. Elaborate trade show displays helped make Framerica a known entity.

Sand castles, a boxing ring and a mock stadium – among other displays – were shown, each coinciding with various product releases. Contests and clever advertising that included the industry’s first televised commercial (appearing on Good Morning America) only furthered the company.

The marketing was working. Framerica had become a brand and its customers (and its customer’s customers) began to notice the merit, value, and quality of Framerica’s products.

A truly dynamic company

Now, nearly four decades since its inception, Framerica continues to operate with the same relentless passion to help its customers to succeed. Multiple locations and new, state-of-the-art facilities with unmatched production capacity have not changed the company’s core values. Framerica is proud and honored to be known by many as “America’s Favorite.”
  • After 23 years at Framerica, the owners' doors are always open. They are wonderful caring and giving people with innovative and creative ideas. Working all of the trade shows and meeting people in the industry has been great!
    Catherine Michel
    Credit Manager
  • The company is open to new ideas and encourages the staff to make suggestions that may improve the company's performance.
    Donna DiMattei
    Freight Coordinator
  • The people, management, and atmosphere all make working at Framerica a pleasure!
    Kevin Milano
    Sales for Southeast & International
  • I like the creativity and new ideas from the office. It's even more impressive when the machine shop team makes pieces of machinery – helping the factory run efficiently!
    Carolyn Schmidt
    Purchasing Associate
  • I love knowing that the products I sell are made in the USA. And, my boss is great!
    John Wayman
    Sales for Western Regional
  • Most of the people I work with have been here for more than five or even ten years. We all know each other really well.
    Paul Seele
    Sales for Mid-West & Canada
  • My job is never the same day to day. Each customer and each of their projects allow me to offer knowledge, insight and opinion when I'm trying to complete a sale of our product.
    Bill Hoffmann
    Bill Hoffmann
    Sales for Northeast & Texas

A glimpse into the future

Framerica has been a pioneering force in the industries it serves including its invention of profile-wrapping capabilities and finishes that have proved to revolutionize the way moulding is made.

Advancements in manufacturing processes allow Framerica to combine technological precision with hand-crafted design to deliver innovative products to consumers around the world.

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