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Framerica®’s Welcomes Larissa Zuclich as its HR Director

Larissa Zuclich has joined Framerica’s Human Resources Department as its director.  She brings a strong resume in staffing and compliance.  “Larissa has been a terrific addition to the Framerica family,”…

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Framerica®’s Steve Rapp Reaches 35 Year Milestone

Steve Rapp, Framerica’s Director of Special Projects, recently celebrated 35 years with the NY based moulding manufacturer.  “Steve has been leading by example from the day he started,” notes co-founder…

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Framerica® Expands Black Terracotta™ with new Profiles

Black Terracotta™ has expanded.  The finish features a visually textured “baked earth” appearance with pottery shading and a black wash overlay.  It is now available in the BW220, 221 and…

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Corinne Ferrara-Longhito Celebrates 15 Years

Corinne Ferrara-Longhito, Framerica’s Director of Marketing, recently celebrated her 15-year anniversary with the company.  “Corinne is a star,” notes Josh Eichner.  “Extremely talented, hard-working and appreciated by customers.  She, and…

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Framerica® Introduces White Terracotta™

Terracotta™ – a worldwide exclusive – features a visually textured “baked earth” finish in traditional pottery, now available in white.  “We continue to expand Terracotta based on its success,” notes…

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