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Framerica®’s Summer Internship Program Expands

Framerica’s paid Summer internship program has expanded each year since 2009 to include new areas of learning and responsibility.  Students interested in business, manufacturing and design have participated and gone…

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Framerica’s Carlos Almendarez Celebrates 15 Year Milestone

Carlos Almandarez, Framerica’s second shift director, recently celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the company.  Carlos has also done a wonderful job on the trade-show circuit representing Framerica.  “Having someone with…

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Framerica® Rounds out popular Chalked Collection with Greige

Framerica’s Chalked Collection, featuring “cersused” woods, now includes Greige.  “Chalked Greige is the combination grey and brown with familiar back-lit chalked graining,” notes Corinne Ferarra.  “We then added a powder…

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Framerica®’s Spumante™ Stainless

Framerica’s Spumante Stainless is a sibling to the hugely popular original Stainless, which captivated the interior design market for more than a decade.  Spumante is the coloring of the Italian…

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Framerica® Proud to Support Young Artists

Framerica continued its decades-long support of The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers by donating the moulding used to frame finalists’ artwork.  The Alliance held its annual awards ceremony at…

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