Dark Mahogany · 047
SKU: BW88047
Dark Mahogany · 047
Box Qty: 140’ feet
Width: 2"
Height: 1"
Rabbet: 5/8"


This elegant, perfectly-crafted, medium-width picture frame manifests a deep, furniture-finish red mahogany with consistent lineal ticking with a two-step lip, gently rounded face and three-step back.

A well-crafted picture frame, constructed from quality materials like medium density fiberboard, solid wood or archival-grade components, can endure the test of time, preserving cherished memories for generations. With proper care and placement in a stable environment, these frames can maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for many years, resisting the effects of fading, warping, or deterioration. The thoughtful design, careful craftsmanship, and attention to detail ensure that the frame remains a reliable protector of the artwork or photograph it houses, gracefully aging alongside the cherished memories it showcases. In this way, a good picture frame becomes a timeless heirloom, passing on the legacy of love and artistry.

A nice picture frame enhances aesthetics, adding beauty and charm to your living space. It evokes positive emotions, brings joy, and cultivates a sense of personal connection with cherished memories. The frame can promote relaxation and mindfulness, contributing to improved mental well-being. It’s an easy and effective way to uplift your mood daily.