Casing 4

SKU: Casing 4


Width: 2.25
Height: 0.625
Rabbet: 96"


Elevate your living space with our essential 5/8″ x 2 1/4″ casing molding, a cornerstone of interior design. Expertly fashioned from wood or MDF – this casing element elegantly frames all doors, windows and openings in your home of office, bestowing grace and visual unity. Delicately etched with intricate patterns, it adeptly hides gaps, ensuring a seamless shift from walls to architectural facets. Adaptable to diverse styles, be it classic or contemporary, our casing molding allows personalized alterations in dimensions, contours and finishes, harmonizing exquisitely with your room’s aesthetics while amplifying its architectural essence. Swift installation and upkeep establish our casing molding as a perennial choice, refining interiors with a unified, sophisticated allure.