Casing 9

SKU: Casing 9

Used around windows and doors

Width: 3
Height: 0.625
Rabbet: 96"


This 5/8″ x 3″ casing piece is used around windows and doors and is a vital element in interior design. Casing is a timeless detail that elevates interiors by providing a finished, cohesive, and refined look. As decorative trim, it is used to frame doors, windows and openings. Often crafted from wood, MDF, or polymers, casing molding adds elegance and visual harmony to spaces. Often featuring intricate profiles and or patterns, it conceals gaps between surfaces and creates a polished transition from walls to architectural features. Casing molding offers versatility, suiting various styles from traditional to modern. Customizable in size, shape and finish, casing complements a room’s aesthetics and enhances overall architectural character. Our casing molding is truly easy to install and maintain.