Crown 33

SKU: Crown 33
Width: 3.625
Height: 0.56
Rabbet: 96"


This piece of 1/2″ x 3 5/8″ trim forms a visual transition between the wall and ceiling because it hides cracks and imperfections while adding beauty to your rooms. Crown molding trim 33 (often seen as a hallmark of refined interior design) is a decorative molding that graces the uppermost point where walls and ceilings meet. Crafted from materials like MDF, wood, plaster or polyurethane – it introduces an aura of sophistication and architectural elegance to spaces. Beyond its aesthetic role, crown molding trim serves to soften transitions, hiding gaps and creating a harmonious visual flow. Often adorned with intricate patterns, it adds depth and character to rooms. From traditional to contemporary styles, crown molding trim is versatile and can be tailored in size and design, enhancing the overall aesthetics of a room. Its timeless appeal lies in its ability to elevate interiors with a regal, polished touch.