IC 97

Accent Trim
Accent Trim
Width: 0.75
Height: 0.75
Rabbet: 96"


This 3/4″ x 3/4″ accent trim piece finds application on interior corners, where it softens the edges of 90-degree angles. Inside corner molding, a fundamental component of interior design and architecture, fulfills both functional and aesthetic roles within living spaces. Placed at the inner corners where walls meet, this molding achieves a clean and polished transition, effectively covering any gaps or irregularities that construction might induce. Its angled profile complements the room’s architectural lines while minimizing the requirement for extensive finishing efforts. Inside corner molding offers versatility in design and style, being available in materials like MDF, wood or a PVC polymer. The meticulous installation of this molding not only guarantees a professional and seamless appearance but also assists in safeguarding vulnerable corners from wear and tear. Its unobtrusive presence adds to a room’s overall visual appeal, reflecting an emphasis on detail and craftsmanship in interior spaces.