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What's New

The Rusted™ Collection

Our Rusted Collection features oxidized metallic finishes that are elementally aged.  Each option serves to capture the trend toward “industrialized metallic” without sacrificing design versatility within traditional spaces.

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The Swirled™ Collection

Swirled Gold and Silver can effuse elegant and traditional or sleek and modern.  Each features a round-rubbed finish that is back-lit with subtle tone.

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Our Products

Framerica’s mission is to be the world’s leading moulding manufacturer; with an unwavering commitment to our customer’s success.  Framerica designs, engineers, builds and sells industry leading products with an obsessive drive to innovate and improve.  We will never compromise on quality or service.

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We produce environmentally responsible products using some of the greenest core materials.

High efficiency & domestic production grants 100% yield of products with the quickest turnaround

A purpose-built manufacturing facility employ the most modern machinery to streamline our production capacity.