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Framerica Expands Dashboard Burl™

Framerica’s Dashboard Burl has expanded and is now available in the company’s popular BW275 profile.  The classic burl was inspired by the finest automotive interiors, colored to the most useful…

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Framerica®’s Rob Diers surpasses 20 Year Mark

Rob Diers, Framerica’s head of machinery design and maintenance, recently celebrated 20 years with the NY based moulding manufacturer.  “Rob is a wonderful asset to our company,” notes Co-chairman Gordon…

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Framerica® Expands Concrete™ Finish

Concrete™ – Framerica’s exclusive “Concrete” textured finish, an architectural stone grey, is now available in 3 inch wide moulding.  “Specifications for our Concrete collection have skyrocketed,” notes Josh Eichner.  “We…

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Framerica®’s Catherine Michel Celebrates 3 Decades

Catherine Michel, Framerica’s longtime credit manager, recently celebrated 30 years with the NY based moulding manufacturer.  “Catherine is the finest credit manager in our industry,” notes Gene Eichner.  “But she…

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Framerica® Expands Illusions™ Profile to Include Entire Woods Collection

Framerica’s Illusions profile, which was designed to allow for a single moulding to appear stacked, is now available in the company’s entire woods collection. “Demand for the Illusion’s profile has…

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